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Covid-19 Balmoral Group update

Dear Clients and Friends of The Balmoral Group,

As we enter into a period of uncharted waters for all of our communities, we want to maintain good communications. Our firm has always been set up to accommodate remote work, and all of our staff are equipped with the software and hardware needed to do their work from anywhere. As of today, our staff is working remotely, and we continued our usual production planning meeting this morning. We will continue to monitor production and maintain contact this way for at least the next two weeks, and are prepared to do so for the next 10-12 weeks if that becomes necessary. We are doing our part to minimize interaction and help to limit spread, while progressing work effort as a team as if we were sitting beside each other.

Employees have their office phones forwarded to their mobile phones but if you need to reach a Balmoral contact, simply reach out via email and request they call, or reach out to a partner and we can provide a mobile number.

Thank you for your patience and support during these critical times. We want you to know that your well-being is still our number one priority, and we hope that the steps we are taking now will contribute in the short-run and long-term to a healthy happy 2020 for all of us.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


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