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Our Pillars

Roadmap to the Future

The Balmoral Group focuses on engineering and economics work across five pillars that reflect our firm’s values and guiding principles.  Click below to learn more and view examples of our work, relative to each pillar.

Data Science

Data Science Pillar.png

Machine learning, spatial data analytics and practical applications including interactive data dashboards help clients manage a complex world.

Data Science Icon.png

Sustaining Human

Sustaining Human Habitat Pillar.png

Supporting communities’ existence through ongoing maintenance and understanding of existing conditions using best available information to reach design decisions or efficiently study conclusions.

Sustaining Human Habitat Icon.png
Safety Pillar.png

Improving safety through solutions for flooding concerns, lighting, signing, temporary traffic control, pedestrian crossings, bicycle keyholes and resurfacing projects.


Safety Icon.png
Resilience Pillar.png

Expertise in vulnerability assessments, adaptation action planning, infrastructure costs and benefits roadmaps


Resilience Icon.png
Societal Impact Pillar.png

Socioeconomic analysis and alternative scenarios simulation for economic, policy, land use and resource outcomes.

Societal Impact

Societal Impact Icon.png
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