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Dan Dourte - TBG Director of Earth Science and Data

We are pleased to announce that Dan Dourte is The Balmoral Group's newest director of Earth Science and Data.


Dan’s “can do” attitude means clients and colleagues know if he is on the job, it will be done on time and at the highest levels of quality.


Dan’s quiet leadership inspires anyone who works with him to bring their “A” game to the task at hand, whether it is Gulf Consortium funding to restore the Gulf of Mexico, Water resource monitoring to improve Florida’s water quality efficiently and effectively, or Regional Water Supply planning in Australia. Dan brings the “magic dust” that makes people want to follow his lead.


Dan is all things Earth Science and Data – leading projects that inform policy and practice across water resources, agriculture, climate resilience and modeling, habitat restoration and data literacy. His Big picture approach - and attention to detail when it really, really matters – is a big reason why clients entrust him with assignments that have far-reaching implications – the Statewide Resiliency Dataset for Critical Assets, Statewide Agricultural Irrigation Demand forecasts, NASA Coastal Ecosystem Valuation, to name a few.


The final ingredient that makes Sherman the perfect Director at The Balmoral Group.

Dan is someone you need to know, and if you don’t yet, pick up the phone and introduce yourself to our newest Director. The Balmoral Group is pleased and proud to welcome him into this new role.



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