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Turnpike Mainline Resurfacing and Safety Upgrades from MP 234.95 to MP 238.76


Osceola County

Florida Turnpike Enteprise


Resurfacing and roadside safety modifications of approximately 3.8 miles of limited access roadway in Osceola County.

Improvements included standard depth milling and resurfacing, pavement reconstruction to address distressed pavement areas, cross slope correction, outside shoulder widening, concrete box culvert extensions, median crossover relocation, guardrail upgrades, minor drainage improvements, signing, pavement marking (including the design of four guide signs), bridge railing retrofit on the Friars Cove Road over the Turnpike Mainline and modification of existing ITS facilities. Project required extensive coordination with the AET 8 project for overlapping TTCP phasing in the vicinity of the Three Lakes Toll Plaza.

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