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Estimated Agricultural Irrigation Demand

Client: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Location: All districts, Florida

The Balmoral Group has worked with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) to provide current and future estimates of Florida’s agricultural areas and water demands.  TBG economists developed a GIS-based econometric model based on literature and original research to map and estimate water use for all agriculture areas in the state, including long-term (25-year) projections. The model (FSAID: Florida Statewide Agricultural Irrigation Demand) uses farm-level historic water use records, agronomic and physical attributes as well as crop price and land pressure variables. Estimates were developed with Water Management District input, stakeholder meetings and involvement in a number of various agricultural advisory meetings and other public meetings. Results are posted for stakeholder use at: The project has large scale impact, as all Water Management Districts in the state use the estimates to support their water supply plans for the future, including planning for project funding for alternative water supplies. Additionally, the regularly-updated FSAID spatial datasets are used by FDACS to support their Best Management Practice (BMP) enrollments and impact assessments.

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