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First Continuous Flow Intersection in Florida

The Balmoral Group performed the Signing and Pavement Marking for SR 82 from Lee Road to Shawnee Road. The opening of the Gunnery Road and Daniels Parkway intersection in Lehigh Acres (Ft Myers area) was announced in a news report which highlighted the first Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) in the state of Florida .

Suncoast Parkway Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Suncoast Parkway, Citrus County Florida- Alternative Stormwater Approach to Minimize Impacts to State Lands was recently authored by engineers at The Balmoral Group. The article can be viewed in the ASCE EWRI Currents Summer Newsletter here 

The Economics of Coastal Erosion: Risks, Costs, Strategies

The Balmoral Group's Principal Economist presented on "The Economics of Coastal Erosion: Risks, Costs, Strategies" at the 32nd Annual ASCE Water Resources Seminar on April 8, 2016. The Balmoral Group was proud to sponsor this seminar which was attended by over 150 engineers and scientists from the water resources community. Presentations aim to discuss what’s happening in Central Florida’s water resources. The presentation can be viewed here.

Estimating Agricultural Irrigation Demand Using Economics and Engineering Models

The Balmoral Group was recently tasked with estimating agricultural water use across every farm in the state of Florida in the US. The project, titled Florida Statewide Agricultural Irrigation Demand (FSAID), was completed in a four-step process outlined in this publication for the Australia Water Association Journal, November 2015.

Evaluating Coastal Real Estate Value vs. Risk in the Wake of Sea Level Rise

Today, with declining stock of vacant coastal property and more restrictive development standards, most coastal communities face fewer planning decisions that would convert undeveloped land to new development. Rather, likely scenarios are redevelopment of previously built areas as part of economic revitalization efforts, or rebuilding after a disaster - most likely a hurricane. How does a coastal community balance the value of coastal economic development with the increasing costs of storm repairs as the shoreline shifts and changes? Communiteis with clear objectives to achieve coastal resiliency have tools at their disposal. The article can be viewed here

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